Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zombie Aliens

Zombie Alien by David Hudnut
I'm a big fan of alien zombies. Specifically, zombies in space and astronaut zombies. You now the kind I'm talking about:

A crew on a space ship or space station is invaded by some alien microbe, and the next thing you now, everyone is dying of a mysterious space sickness.

Then POW! The dead astronauts reanimate as undead astronauts. Wearing space suits.

Does it get any better than that?

Only if the zombie aliens are not simply undead, but also have the ability to grow monstrous body parts and transform the modern sci-fi technology aboard their ship into weird steampunk inspired gear. If you have a hard time picturing what I'm talking about, take a gander at my concept illustration of exactly this sort of zombie-astronaut hybrid pictured at right.

If anyone wants to read a story about the character pictured in my illustration, shoot me an email.

Now I'm off to watch Dead Space: Downfall on Netflix streaming!


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