Friday, April 26, 2013

Devil concept art

Devil concept art of evil Succubus by David Hudnut
My next self-published book project in the works will feature loads of nasty devils, demons, and various other denizens from You-Know-Who's ultimate inferno. And I don't mean Dante's Inferno. That place was pansy-ass. The place in my tale is far worse...

Pictured on the left is concept art of a pissed-off succubus who will be appearing in my serialized novel. 

You don't want to get on this girl's bad side. It's all spiky and stuff.

My hellacious tale will be an urban fantasy with lots of devils and demons who do fiendish things to unsuspecting mortals.

I'll be posting concept art of the various infernal characters and hellish locations featured in the story here on this blog as I finish them.

If anyone is interested in beta reading part one of my novel when it's ready, send me an email:

davidhudnut at gmail dot com


Urban fantasy will never be the same...

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