Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fat Ogre Goes On A Diet

Fat Ogre by David Hudnut. Look at him suck in his gut.

Do you think ogres are insecure about their weight? As a species, I think we all assume ogres are a fat lot. Fat and happy, as the saying goes, to an ogre. But are they happy?

The fat ogre pictured above looks to me like he's sucking in his gut. Like maybe he's embarrassed to have such an obvious over-hang. And he's got that nifty club handy to smite down anyone who makes cracks about his less than svelte figure. How many quick-tongued slim-boned elves do you think have been on the business end of that thing?

Do you think this guy secretly wishes he wasn't such a fat ogre? Has he tried every gimmicky diet in the realm, yet none have worked? And we all know who sells gimmicky diets in the realm: half-elves.

Stupid elves.

No wonder ogres hate elves.

The next time you seen a fat ogre, give his (or her) wide berth a wide berth. Otherwise, you'll be talking to the club. And that club has some pointy-ass teeth.

You've been warned.

Stay away from the club-wielding fat ogre!


  1. Have you seen the film, Troll Hunter?

    It sort of reminds me of this. It's quite fun and unexpected.

  2. I haven't seen Troll Hunter, but I know of it. Now I'll have to go and watch it! :-)