Monday, April 29, 2013

Death Knight from Hell

Death Knight, concept art of one of Hell's denizens by David Hudnut

Another one of my concept art illustrations for my upcoming book project. It's got all sorts of cool devils and stuff. Demons too. Really scary, but in that awesome sort of way you get from playing Dungeons and Dragons late at night while consuming huge amounts of Skittles and Coca-Cola (not that I'd advise such an activity, nor will I confirm or deny my own participation in such junk food binges whilst playing D&D in the past).

The guy pictured above is a Death Knight. He lives in Hell. He kills people. Enough said. Don't rile him up. You've been warned.

Urban Fantasy gets a kick in the pants from Hell's Denizens, David Hudnut style.

More concept art will be forthcoming.

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