Friday, April 12, 2013

"The Nose Knows" a new cover

The Nose Knows by David Hudnut
As any self-published author knows, marketing is as big of a part of being an author as the writing is. I've spent a lot of time researching the marketing ends of things lately, and I decided it was time to re-position my novella The Nose Knows.

Why, you ask?

I'm realizing that by today's standards of horror (think of the Saw movie franchise), The Nose Knows isn't remotely gruesome and gory enough. It's more like a humorous episode of The Twilight Zone. It even has a love story. It's more of a paranormal romantic comedy. I would even venture to say it could air on prime time television without needing to be "toned down" for the masses.

So I whipped up the new cover on the left with an electric mixer and Photoshop. (I did a bunch of preliminary sketches in pencil, on actual paper. If anyone wants to seem them, let me know and I'll post them here on my blog.)

I also changed my book description on Amazon to try and catch more of a humor comedy audience. Like a good boy, I tried to incorporate as much SEO terminology as possible and did some Google Adwords searches for key phrases.

Here's the new text:

Imagine a romantic comedy combined with the humor of Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Mad Magazine, with a little King of the Hill thrown in, and a dash of Robot Chicken.

Calvin Dunkley has trouble meeting women. But he desperately wants to find true love. Luckily for Calvin, every Friday the beautiful Claudia Aranda comes into the grocery store where he works. He's been planning to ask her out for months. It took that long to get his courage up, because Claudia is gorgeous.

Unfortunately for Calvin, the mutant nose hair he discovers sprouting from his nostril like a rabid rattlesnake has other ideas...

Relive the frustrations of young love. The laughs always come with a few tears, but everyone knows romance comes at a price. If you like schadenfreude humor and giant squids, this is your bag.

We'll see if this generates any traffic and sales.

In the meantime, The Nose Knows is free today and tomorrow on Kindle. You can download it here:

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