Friday, February 1, 2013

ZombApe!! The Zombie Gorilla

ZombApe! Th Zombie Gorilla
I've always thought that The Walking Dead TV show is lacking one thing: Zombie Gorillas. Don't you agree? I mean, the show is absolutely awesome. But wouldn't it be awesomer with zombie gorillas?

I'm sure you agree.

I've drawn a picture of my FAVORITE zombie Gorilla: ZombApe!! The Zombie Gorilla.

Another show I've been watching is American Horror Story. I thought it would be awesome if you combined The Walking Dead with American Horror Story: Asylum. Insane zombies. They're WORSE than regular zombies because they carry scalpels. Shiver!

Now, what you're all probably wondering is: Who would win in a fight?

ZombApe!! The Zombie Gorilla, or the insane Kid Zombie? 

I have my preferences, of course. We all know who the obvious winner would be. ROAR!!

For those of you who are interested in drawing esoterica, I illustrated these pix using using a Pentel 0.5 mechanical pencil, inked with COPIC 0.35 Multiliner SP, BS, and a COPIC Sketch 100 brush tip for fat lines. I colored with my favorite Tombow Dual Brush pens, as usual. 

Let me just say that when you want to render darker values with markers, it's a ton of work. But zombies are worth it.

Zombie Truck Driver
Kid Zombie, out from the Asylum


  1. haha zombie gorillas would be grand

  2. OMG! I wholeheartedly agree, Dave! I love these zombie pics. Yes, insane zombies are way scarier than regular ones. I hope the producers take up your idea for this! Hahahaaa!