Sunday, February 3, 2013

Emerald City Comicon Monsters & Dames

My art for the Emerald City Comicon 2013 Monsters & Dames exclusive artbook
I'm excited to announce that my illustration pictured left will appear this March in the Emerald City Comicon exclusive 2013 Monsters & Dames artbook!


This is my first year attending ECCC, and my first year in the Monsters & Dames book as well. My art will be featured alongside the work of some awesome comic artists like Bruce Timm, Eric Canete, Crayon Monsters, Aaron Lopresti, Mike Mignola, Ben Templesmith and Skottie Young.

I will have a Gaming Artist Alley table this year and will have on display a large 20" x 30" poster of this art.

Be sure to come by my table so you can inspect all of the funny nunny business up close and personal, and wish the happy bride and groom a devilishly angelic honeymoon.


  1. They sorta look like Ken and Barbie but in Halloween costumes. Hahahahaa! Congrats! That's great. Hope you have a good time at the Comicon. I bet this looks great as a huge poster! Please take photos.

  2. Thanks MK. Yup, Evil Ken and Angelic Barbie. I will have an extra special good time at the con, just for you, and of course, will take copious photos! :-)

    1. Awesome. Lookin' forward to them. Thanks, Dave!