Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"You can't HANDLE the HORROR!"

"I went to Hell after reading David Hudnut's
new novel NIGHT Walk. It was SOOO scary..."
Welcome to hell.

Come, step inside. Enjoy the show.
See life on the other side, get right up close.

I wrote a really scary book recently. It's called NIGHT Walk. It's not released yet to the public. Several select people have already read it. They call me to tell me how scary the book is. They tell me they can't sleep at night without the lights on since finishing the book. They're having terrible nightmares...

They tell me the events that happened in my book are now happening to them.

Two people have finished reading the book. Both told me it was terribly frightening. And then they went missing.

Their disappearances cannot be explained.

NIGHT Walk is so scary, I think it's killing people.

When NIGHT Walk goes public, when I release it for sale on the internet this summer, I think it's going to start the 2012 apocalypse.

It's that scary.

It will kill you dead if your read it.

Scared yet?

I thought so.

If you're brave enough to read it, and want to read sample chapters, send me an email:

davidhudnut AT gmail DOT com

Tell me you want to read the beginning of NIGHT WalkIt will be the last book you ever read...

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  1. Love seeing so much of your illustration. This one is AWESOME. Also, love the Hudnut Imp---keep it comin'! And this is a great post. Really doin' AWESOME! But I already mentioned that didn't I?