Wednesday, May 30, 2012


That guy looks PISSED!

People often ask me where I get my ideas from. See that guy in the picture above? I get my ideas from him.

That is a photo of him from the last time I went to visit him. It's pretty hot where he lives. He usually isn't happy to see me. He was like "Aww man, you again?" What would you expect? He doesn't exactly like giving me his ideas. But he doesn't really have a choice. We struck a bargain, you see, a long, long time ago.  But that's is another story...

The latest batch of ideas my friend gave me worked their way into my debut novel NIGHT WALK. As you can imagine, NIGHT WALK is as scary as my pal who gave me the ideas that went into the book. So, if you want to lie awake at night, scared out of your mind, staring at the ceiling while you feel your heart thudding in your chest because of what you read in my novel, then check out NIGHT WALK. It will make you think twice about reading scary books ever again.

Oh, and if you want to meet my buddy in the photo above, let me know. I'll arrange a meeting. He'll be very glad to see you...very glad indeed...


  1. So you're buddies? Eh? Scary, man. But that's your territory! Awesome. Looking forward to it.

  2. Yeah, we're buddies. All the way back to grade school. Those were the days... ;-)