Friday, May 25, 2012

Merman Mayhem

EVIL Merman Mayhem. That's right, this guy is EVIL. Capital E-V-I-L EVIL!!!

Do I need a reason to post a picture of my rendition of Creature from the Blue Lagoon?

Other than it's Friday? Which, as far as I know, is in fact "Evil Merman Day" across the globe?

Remember that movie with Brooke Shields from 1980? Every time I hear the title of the movie The Blue Lagoon, I always say in my head "The Creature from the Blue Lagoon." Why? I think the answer is obvious. If you've seen Creature from the Black Lagoon, or even heard of it, how can you NOT make the connection when The Blue Lagoon is mentioned?

I don't know, maybe I was exposed to Creature from the Black Lagoon at a young age and it scarred me for life. And the fact that I've never seen The Blue Lagoon in its entirety. There's a monster in that movie, right? Doesn't it eat Brooke Shields at the end of the film? I hear the scene it totally gruesome!

And I'm pretty sure the monster in The Blue Lagoon looks just like I've depicted him above.

The Blue Lagoon WAS the sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon, wasn't it?

Happy Friday, err, I mean Evil Merman Day!

And if anyone can tell me what happened at the end of The Blue Lagoon, about the monster attack and stuff, let me know. I really want to find out...but I'm too scared to watch the movie myself.

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  1. Awesome, man! You know I never thought of the Swamp Thing as a merman, but I guess that's what he is. You're too funny about the Blue Lagoon. Never saw it though.