Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Zombie Kong reviewed: James Roy Daley does it again

Zombie Kong by James Roy Daley
I have to admit, I was a little worried when I started reading the novella  Zombie Kong by James Roy Daley. I knew it would be well written, because it was James Roy Daley, but I was worried the premise would play itself out too quickly. I'm sure you're thinking what I was: a zombie version of King Kong smashing cars, tanks, buildings, then climbing a skyscraper with a damsel, etc. Big Deal.


The story opens with a page-long scientific rumination on how large a giant gorilla's intestines would be. Then the next chapter is a guy being swallowed by Zombie Kong. The thing is, because it's a zombified gorilla, the stomach acid doesn't kill him. The guy SURVIVES. Now he has to get out of Zombie Kong.


To make it even better, so it's not just some guy trapped in the belly of the beast, he calls his wife on his cell phone. The wife and their son now get involved. This gives the story some much needed variety to what would have been a one-note escape yarn.

Can I say that I absolutely LOVED how Daley handled the tale? Why yes I can. I'm really impressed with James Roy Daley's consistently inventive horror stories. If you like horror that is well written, start with Zombie Kong. Then move onto Daley's other works: The Dead Parade and Terror Town, both of which I've also enjoyed and reviewed. If you like mayhem and murder, go with  The Dead Parade. If you like monsters, go with Terror Town.

But whatever you do, buy Zombie Kong NOW! You will love it.

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