Monday, May 13, 2013

The Dead Parade gets a facelift, without anesthesia

New cover for The Dead Parade
James Roy Daley is a fellow horror author deeply involved in the self-publishing boom. He runs a horror blog called Books of the Dead Press. If you love horror books it's a great blog and you should check it out.

You may recall that I posted a review of his horror thriller The Dead Parade last year. You can find my review here. The Dead Parade is a great read. Non-stop thriller action and horror. James recently did a re-cover for The Dead Parade, which I really like. It screams Thriller. As in the genre, not the Michael Jackson song. Wink.

As my blog readers may know, I followed suit, and did a re-cover of my novel Night Walk, which James was kind enough to feature on the Books of the Dead Press blog here.

But this post is about James Roy Daley's awesome novel The Dead Parade. If you're a fan of the classic George A. Romero style set-up of throwing characters into a disastrous situation while madness unfolds around them in the form of bone-breaking action, you will love his book. I did. If you are a fan of horror, The Dead Parade will treat you right.

You can buy it on Amazon Kindle right now for only 99 cents here.

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