Saturday, May 4, 2013

Populating my Inferno

Demon Imp from Hell, concept art by David Hudnut

More concept art for my upcoming Hell World project. No, I don't mean the Hellraiser film Hellworld. Hell World is just a placeholder title for my project. Why? Because a bunch of the story takes place in Hell. Before I release any story content, I'm posting concept art of my various Hellish Denizens and Hellish Locations. To get you in the mood.

Pictured above is another denizen of my hell. A demon imp. My Hell isn't all about burning alive, torture and agony. Sure, that stuff happens in anybody's Hell. But mine will focus on the quirky and fun. Fun in that tricky imp sort of way. You know the kind: one second he's pissing in someone's punch bowl (ha ha, good for a laugh), the next he's pissing in YOUR punch bowl (not funny at all, you foul smelling demon imp from Hell). Call it my own personal Joss Whedon-esque take on Hell, but without Buffy or Angel.

My book will fall into the vein (or should I say "stab the vein with a rusty needle") of Urban Fantasy. Well, more like Suburban Fantasy.

More to come!

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  1. LOVE These little guys!!! Great Job, they are cute as hell ;)