Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"You can't HANDLE the HORROR!"

"I went to Hell after reading NIGHT WALK
 by David Hudnut. It was SOOO Scary..."
Welcome to Hell.

Come, step inside. Enjoy the show.
See life on the other side, get right up close.

I'm really worried. People who have read my horror novel NIGHT WALK are emailing me to tell me they can no longer sleep at night, that reading NIGHT WALK was so scary, they're now having nightmares that won't go away. Vivid night terrors that may in fact be real...

They tell me the events that happened in my book are now happening to them...

One person told me their friend read the book, and has been missing for three days, 

NIGHT WALK is so scary, I think it's killing people.

Whatever you do, please do not walk alone at night. There are terrible things waiting for you in the darkness...

The best way to keep safe is to arm yourself with information and stay inside.

Read NIGHT WALK so you'll know how to protect yourself when the creatures of the night follow YOU home...

You've been warned.

I cannot be held responsible for the nightmares...

It might even save your life...

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