Monday, October 15, 2012

Donut Re-Does It

The new cover for Donut Does It
I've been thinking about doughnuts a ton lately. I've also been thinking about tons of doughnuts.

I mean TONS.

As in thousands of pounds of doughnuts. All stacked together in a giant mountainous mass of glazey frosting and chocolate icing and mapley ecstasy.

Of the many cool things that may await all of us in Heaven, one will hopefully be the ability to eat as many doughnuts as we want.

There may even be a Doughnut Room in heaven that contains an infinite ocean of doughnuts, where any of us will be able to dive right in and eat as many doughnuts as we want without guilt or consequence.

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Doughnut Heaven.

Yeah, that sounds yummy, or scrumdiddlyumptious even.

I can't wait.

Unfortunately, we all know that in life, doughnuts must be eaten in moderation. If we don't, we'll have Hell to pay. And Hell does not accept credit cards.

Or doughnuts.

If you disagree, I encourage you to read my story Donut Does It  and find out what happens when poor Randy McArdle (pictured above on the new cover of Donut Does It) chooses to disregard the common sense wisdom of "All things in moderation."

Donut Does It is available now on for only 99 cents on the Kindle.

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  1. I love the new cover, Dave. Really captures the humor and tragedy of the story.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah, I'll post Monsterfest 2012 photos soon.

    Also, I thought you might be interested in my October Giveaway. It's 2 assembled MONSTER MEN paper puppets: 1 transforming Wolfman and 1 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. Link is below to enter it:

    Maybe, your followers would like it too since they are MONSTER MEN!