Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Nose Knows & Other Stories

The Book Gargoyle is back. You all remember him. He's the guy who supports printed books. He hates eReaders because his stony fingers always scratch the screens when he tries to turn the pages the old fashioned way: licking his stony finger with his stony tongue and swiping to the next page. You can imagine how well that would work on an iPhone screen!

The Nose Knows & Other Stories is a collection of three of David Hudnut's shorter works which were previously available only on the Kindle: The Nose Knows, Hands Off, and Donut Does It; it also includes The Hitler Machine, which is only available in this printed collection.

From the back of the book

THE NOSE KNOWS: Calvin Dunkley tries to find true love, but the mutant nose hair he discovers growing from his nostril doesn’t want him to...

HANDS OFF: Sometimes dogs are not man’s best friend...

DONUT DOES IT: Did you know that doughnuts can kill? Find out how...

THE HITLER MACHINE: Surprise, surprise. Adolph Hitler is still alive, trapped in a super-secret underground bunker. He’s old, he’s ornery, and he needs a nursemaid. That nursemaid is YOU...

And from the Book Gargoyle himself:

"E-gads! What a scary bunch of stories! I almost wet my concrete pants when I read these stories! I was scared stiff, and not because I'm made of stone! I posed with the book for this photo during the day time because I was too darned scared to stand next to it at night! Wow! Good thing for me I hang around cathedrals the rest of the time. God protect me...David Hudnut must get his stories straight from the devil..."

---The Book Gargoyle

Now available in book form

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