Sunday, June 10, 2012

NIGHT WALK Arriveth!

Another satisfied reader of NIGHT WALK. Now available as a physical book

Everybody knows Gargoyles are Luddites. And that means Gargoyles hate ebooks. They will only read physical books. Something about loyalty to their old pal Gutenberg and his antiquated printing press. So I give them what they want. Who am I to deny a Gargoyle what his or her monstrous self demands? Look how content this particular Book Gargoyle is! He just finished reading a physical copy of my new novel Night Walk. I would say his smile alone was worth the effort of providing the guy with a physical paper book to read.

Night Walk is a scary-as-hell novel about a suburban family terrorized by gang-bangers, with a Twilight Zone twist. Book Gargoyle LOVED it! His review:

"I'm a gargoyle, and I like scary books. Night Walk is very scary. It was SO scary, I would only read it during the daytime. Also, at night, I was busy scaring people at the cathedral were I work. Anyway, I haven't been so scared as I was while reading Night Walk since I was a kid during the Spanish Inquisition. Those were scary times indeed. Night Walk brought back that centuries-old terror as if it was the coming of the 1512 apocalypse! (btw, you guys can stop worrying about the 2012 apocalypse, it's just a hoax). Anyway, read Night Walk if you want to be scared! You'll love it!"
---The Book Gargoyle

Night Walk by David Hudnut
now available as a physical book


  1. Hey Dave, that's great! Congrats on the physical book. Love the Gargoyle's review. And thanks for letting us know a little bit more about the book. Definitely has got my curiosity.

  2. Dude I can't wait to hang around your aisle end-cap at Barnes and Noble and just be a creeper. This book is awesome and I'll totally pimp it out.

  3. Thanks Melissa. The Book Gargoyle is glad you like his work. NIGHT WALK is about a suburban family stalked by gang bangers, with a Twilight Zone twist. Steve- thanks, and hopefully Barnes and Noble will still be in business by the time Night Walk is on an end cap! Who knows, maybe the only bookstores that will be left will be grocery stores and convenience stores. NIGHT WALK Coming Soon to a 7-Eleven near you! "I'll take a 64 oz Big Gulp and NIGHT WALK, please! Oh, and a Snickers bar."